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Monthly Archives: May 2024

    Separating Fact from Fiction

    By Don Geisler | May 22, 2024

    How Many Homes Are Investors Actually Buying? Are big investors really buying up all the homes today? If you’re trying to find a house to buy, this may be something you’re wondering about. Maybe you’ve read about it or seen reels on social media saying investors buying all the homes is making it even harder to find what... Read More

    Inventory Ticking Up!

    By Don Geisler | May 2, 2024

    What More Listings Mean When You Sell Your House The number of homes for sale is playing a big role in today’s housing market. And, if you’re considering whether or not to list your house, today’s limited supply is one of the biggest advantages you have right now. That’s because your house stands out more when the inventory... Read More