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Patti DuBois

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After an extraordinary career of selling homes, I retired, and now I’m back to

Opening Doors Once Again!!!

I plan to make 2023 my best year ever. And 2024 even better and so on. I plan to build a team and make a 2nd extraordinary career! I ask for your help with this.

Real estate is a fascinating business. It runs in cycles of ups and downs, and I’ve survived them all. How??? By being honest through communication and expectations. Pricing homes right, listening to buyer and seller needs and making a plan from there. I go beyond the necessary research that sometimes lead a client on a different path. However, it’s the path that makes more sense. Maybe it’s not the RIGHT time to sell your home or the RIGHT time to buy a new home, hopefully it is a good time. Regardless I will give you my honest opinion, but you will make the decision.

I will work very hard on your behalf, just as I always have. I will go above and beyond your expectations.

I’d like to share my story with you of how I got into real estate, why I retired and why I’m back.

I began in 1983 as a Receptionist at First American Title. I moved into Escrow. We had a home builder accounts and a homebuilder, Emerald Homes, offered me a position and I accepted. This is where I really got the bug to sell homes. I got my real estate license. My first position selling homes was for Richmond American in 1987. I was a New Home Sales Consultant. And that is what I became, a New Home Sales Consultant. And proud of it. I sold new homes for National Home Builders for many years to come. They were U S Home/Lennar, Estes Homes, who was purchased by Kaufman & Broad, now KB Homes and Castle & Cooke in Sierra Vista. I received many awards, Achievement Awards and Certificates. Among the awards were monthly Most Sales, Most Closings and Most Combined Sales and Closings. I was among those who won most trips put on twice a year by U S Home. It was an awesome and fun position. It had its downfall of not having a new community ready for me to transfer to when I sold out of the current community I was assigned to. During these times, I sold resale homes and land. Which eventually became another chapter in my career. I worked under Coldwell Banker, Long Realty and Tierra Antiqua.

In 2010 I received a call from a home builder in Sierra Vista and was offered a position. Our real estate market here was at its lowest point in many years so I accepted the position of New Home Sales Professional. I sold my home and moved down there. The position was to last for a long time as they had a lot of land but then the slow market hit Sierra Vista, and I moved back to Tucson in 2013. This is when I retired but I also formed my own company, DuBois Real Estate Services, mainly so I could sell or find homes for friends and family and sell just a few homes a year.

The discs in my back continued to deteriorate and I eventually had to have my 1st back surgery in 2015. After that I tried to stay busy with other things but always had in the back of my mind I was going to go back into real estate. The back surgery wasn’t totally successful as my leg was bothering me due to my back and an MRI was scheduled, but in May of 2020, I had a fall. A very small fall but that fall did a lot of damage. I tore my Achilles tendon which the doctor was hoping would heal using a boot and the other leg I tore the meniscus in my knee. 2 days after I came out of the boot in August, I completely tore my Achilles tendon and had to have surgery. That was the beginning of 7 surgeries within 10 months. After the doctor reviewed the MRI of my back, I had an urgent back surgery (as this is really what caused the fall) in September, just 3 weeks after the Achilles tendon surgery. In February 2021 I had the meniscus

tear repaired in my knee. March (a month later), I lost all feeling in both legs. I couldn’t even stand. I had to call paramedics twice in 3 days to help me up because I fell getting out of bed. The 2 time, I said “Take me to TMC. I’m not leaving until they figure this out!”. I had to have emergency back surgery before I became paralyzed for life. I was in rehab for a month trying to learn how to walk again. It was tough because the right leg was too week and the left knee needed to be replaced before my fall but was put on the back burner. Not having use of the right leg made the left knee worse so that was replaced in July of 21. Ok, so 3 days a week of physical therapy was paying off but as time went on, something in my back was pushing me forward to the point I was completely parallel to the seat in the walker. Guess what happened next. Another back surgery in March of 2022. This time they took everything out from the 3 previous surgeries, rebuilt it and put the apparatus back in my back in a single piece and guess what…I can stand up straight! However, strangely enough, I came out of surgery with a crooked right leg. And I mean crooked. The surgery took 6.5 hours, my leg was in an awkward position, and it was discovered that my right knee needed to be replaced as well. It was preventing me from being able to walk and I kept going through these surgeries so I can walk again as I was confined to a wheelchair since the Achilles surgery in 2020, so do whatever it’s going to take. That was done in June of 2022.

Why am I telling you all of this? Three reasons.

1. During that time, I had a lot of time to think. I knew I was going to go back to work. But did I just want to do it under DuBois Real Estate Services and sell a couple – three or four homes a year or do I want to make a dent in this unbelievable market we have? I decided I want to make a dent! A BIG dent. But in order to do so I needed to go with another company and have the synergy of other Realtors and re-establish my name. I decided to go with Indie Realty because I have a tremendous about of respect for the honesty and integrity of Don Geisler, Owner/Broker.

2. It is my plan to develop a Team and make a 2nd Career. In order to that, I need other Realtors.

With that being said…again I’m asking for your help by hiring me to get your house sold and/or find you a perfect new home for you and your family.

3. Most importantly, I have been through hell and back because I am a survivor. I will overcome all obstacles that are in my control. When I come to your home and I’m limping or using crutches or using a walker…please don’t look at that as a disability. Look at it as someone who has accomplished more than others can imagine. Look at it as me having the strength and dedication to get the job done! Both in my 1st real estate career of 30+ years and in my last 2 ½ years of brutal rehabilitation.

Real estate has been my life since I was 30 years old. It still is.




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